Recruitment Success Rating

It’s important for HR to measure the success of their recruitment marketing campaigns. Considering the ultimate goal of a recruitment marketing strategy is to attract potential candidates, with the aim that the successful applicants will deliver long-term benefits to the organization. There are effective ways to measure recruitment success rating that will impact the organization’s performance.

Source of Hirehiring

When you’re creating a strategy for a new campaign and assessing existing ones, your primary focus is the return on investment. Overhead costs are your secondary goal. Listing down the channels that are sending the best quality applicants is vital to managing the costs. Employee referrals, inhouse career hires, and social media platforms are all channels that you can use in your marketing campaign. Its easier to source applicants in our digital age, making the hiring process similar to online shops like lazada and zalora. An applicant tracking system (ATS) has a built-in feature allowing HR managers to track where applicants were sourced. Be sure it’s activated if you have it.

Diversity Hiring Key Metric

This is not just because of legal requirements. As a company, you must display that you do not discriminate in terms of race, religion, sex, condition, disability, genetics, situation, pregnancy, age, origin, or color. A completely diverse workforce shows that every job that is vacant in your company is open to anyone. Letting everyone interested apply is a good sign. If you can give special discounts on airfare like a voucher Qatar Airways, you should do it. You must also utilize tracking diversity tools that can tell you if you are on track in your diversity hiring metric. This can identify the increase or decrease in the representation of the different sections of society.

Applicant Experience

Effective tracking of applicants during the onboarding phase is crucial to having them join your workforce on a high note. Knowing how they found you is necessary, but knowing about their experience during the hiring process is the second and equally important component. Statistics from your CRM and ATS can include touchpoints to rate how well is the hiring process. The data that can be derived from this report will specify the areas for improvement of the recruitment process.


Existing Employee Referral

Your existing employees could be your greatest ambassadors. They are your front liners who will represent your organization. If your employees are providing referrals in times when mass hiring is required, it is a good indicator that they are happy with their experience in your company. Referrals are effective and cost-efficient. You can simply give promo codes or rewards to your existing employees for every successful referral they made. According to studies, employees tend to stay when they have their friends around in the organization they work for.