Rewards and Recognition Ideas for Your Employees

Acknowledging your employees is one way to boosts their morale and give them more motivation to do their work productively and efficiently. You can recognize their efforts by praising them in front of their co-workers. Words are good but it is better if you have set rewards for those who are giving their all in their job. You can develop an incentive structure for your company as the Human Resource manager that can be presented to your employees so that they can have a guideline on the rewards that they can receive upon reaching a set goal. Here are some recognition ideas that you can use for your own company:


Travel package

One way to help your employees to perform better in their work is to give them a travel incentive. Almost everybody wants to travel. They want to have a break from their usual routine and get out of the office for a week or a month without thinking of work. As an incentive for a job that was well done, you can get a whole team or a whole department that brought the highest level of income to the company a nice accommodation outside of the city or office. You can bring them to another country or another state with all the hotels and meals set. It is an excellent way of thanking them for a great job for the year.

You do not have to spend a lot on travel bookings. You can use Travelliker coupon code to save money on tickets and hotels. The more people you give an incentive, the less expensive a room or a ticket will be. Be sure to check flights that offer ticket discount deals and price drops.

Discounts and freebies on stores

You can give monthly or quarterly vouchers to employees that are recognized as being the most productive in their department. To avoid bias, you have to create a scoring structure that each employee understands and agrees upon. The structure should provide quantifiable criteria to prevent any confusion regarding the employee being chosen as the top-performing person in the department.

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Dinner in a five-star restaurant

Employees will be delighted if you give them a nice dinner in a five-star restaurant of their choice. Married couples and even single employees would enjoy dining out and experiencing different cuisines and dishes. Good food is always something that we always remember. By giving them an all-expense paid dinner, they will be more productive in their work and they will never forget this reward that the company gave to them.